Welcome to LA Polymer Consulting

Business Consulting Firm We provide business development, technology, and innovation analysis services for the polymer, chemical and allied industries.

If you need subject matter expertise for a specific business development project, need an external perspective of your current business, or current technology situation, L A Polymer Consulting can provide such services.

We work with you to provide services ranging from:

  • Business and Market Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology and Innovation Analysis
  • Technology Transfer support
  • Customer Management and Supplier and Materials Management support

We also provide commercial and technology Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting to facilitate the implementation of these business development objectives.

Professional Memberships and Affiliations American Chemical Society Community Development & Marketing Association Society of Plastics Engineers

Business Management Consultants

The goal of L A Polymer Consulting is to promote your technological advances for your business growth and to insure

  • Your products, technology and intellectual assets are effectively rooted in customer needs versus the technical sophistication of the product
  • An external focus is maintained and the future needs of the market are well anticipated
  • The value proposition of your business, products, services and technology is effectively communicated at the customer and supplier interface
  • Your business development plans are readily implemented
  • Innovation and technology investments are viewed as a critical means to advance business objectives and not a cost burden
  • A culture of innovation is promoted

Learn more about how L A Polymer Consulting can help your business to achieve your growth objectives with our custom Business Consulting or Consulting Workshops.