Technology Advocacy: Marketing & Selling Technical Innovations and Product Assets

What is Steve Jobs at Apple doing that I need to do? How can I effectively link the future needs of the market with commercially viable innovations and product assets? What is important and what is not to gain support for technology investments?

These questions and more are addressed in the seminar and Technology Business Consultingworkshop designed for business and technical professionals as well as academicians in the polymer, chemical, and allied industries.

The ability to translate innovations and product assets into profitability is a key success factor for business sustainability. Learn how to become a Technology Advocate ™ to insure technology based innovations and product assets are rooted in customer needs and lead to business prosperity.


What you can learn.

Based on case studies and participant interactions within this workshop, you will:

1. Learn why it is important to have Technology Advocates™ to promote innovation.
2. Learn what are the characteristics and roles and responsibilities of a Technology Advocate.
3. Learn how to become a successful Technology Advocate to more effectively leverage innovation into a viable business.
4. Learn how to effectively segment, target and position assets in support of both sustaining and disruptive innovation practices to drive new business opportunities.
5. Learn how to identify and gain support from those targets who will “buy” the assets or concepts.
6. Understand what is and is not important to gain support for technology and product assets.
7. Learn how to more effectively communicate the benefits of new product innovations with such customers.
8. Obtain benchmarks on successful business development practices for the polymer, chemical and allied industry.
9. Receive the Technology Advocacy Workbook created by L A Polymer Consulting, LLC.

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